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As a guest you are very important to us! Our aim is to make your stay with us the most enjoyable experience possible! The following information will aid you in your plans to join us!


What To Expect You can expect to experience people from all walks of life and services that are relevant and appealing to today's culture! Many have commented that this is a "Great Church!" We hope that you are able to say the same! First time in a church Many who come for the first time are surprised at how much they enjoy our style! We consistently see new people coming along and commenting that it is not what they expected. "Fun, friendly, relevant, exciting, and humorous," are comments we often receive on our comment cards! Our services are always focused towards making guests feel welcome and included in a relevant and appealing manner.

Many young families with children attend our Sunday services. As a result, our kids programs are a highlight! The children's workers have been selected, screened, and trained to make the experience especially enjoyable for your kids! We know that if the kids have a great time, they will bring their parents back again and again! If it is boring the kids will not want to come again! We believe that rewards work best to encourage kids to participate! One system the children's workers use is a ticket reward system. Children are given tickets for answering questions or being involved. Near the end of their time each are able to select from prizes according to the number of tickets they have received! We learned this from Chuck E. Cheese locations (thanks Chuck)! Kids love rewards! Age categories We see young families, youth, single people and a variety of middle aged people enjoying Sunday services. It has been commented that we have a younger congregation. However, we enjoy receiving all ages and many seniors who have come with young families have commented that they are impressed at how we are connecting with the next generation so successfully. We are very thankful to those who have commented so positively in this way!

Both men and women seem to enjoy the services! We have worked very hard at making our services appealing to both. As a result, we have a good mix of males and females with an almost 1:1 ratio of men & women! Ladies have asked, "Will my husband feel comfortable in the service?" They are pleasantly surprised at their husbands comments when they come along! We intentionally remove any "cringe factors" that seem to repel men from church! Come check us out and you will see that husbands have a good time and feel like they belong!

We have an interesting speaking style. Most of our speaking formats on Sunday's are made up of husband and wife speakers! You will see team speaking that is well coordinated, humorous, upbeat, relevant, encouraging and inspirational. Messages usually begin with humour and inspirational elements leading to brief teaching points that inform and build lives without putting people to sleep. The length of each speaking session is from 30 to 40 minutes. We want you to leave our services encouraged, uplifted, and positively equipped to succeed in life! All of our speakers reflect this heart! The focus of our speaking is to draw people forwards in life and into a personal knowledge and experience with Jesus Christ! (If you click on the Vimeo video link on the home page you shall see examples of our speaking style).

Our music teams are contemporary in style and dress. There are drums, electric guitars, lights, and sometimes lasers and smoke! This modern style helps us engage today's culture without missing the evident and tangible presence of God! The first 2 songs are usually energetic and upbeat (with modern, encouraging lyrics) while the last 2 songs draw people into a more peaceful experience, allowing the opportunity to experience the love and tangible presence of God (if you follow Christian music styles, we use Hillsong, Jesus Culture, and Planet Shakers music with a variety of other contemporary Christian songwriters in the mix).

We have hosts (wearing "Host" tags) throughout the building! If you have any questions, please feel free to approach them and ask! These people are here specifically for you! They are trained to help you with anything you may need service with! It is our pleasure to support you in your first experience with our church! We want your first experience to be the best experience possible!

On your way out of the service we welcome you to come to our welcome table and fill out a comment card. The host at this table will give you a free copy of Joel Osteen's new book as a thank you for your comments! Your comments are very valuable to us and have helped us present services that continue to surprise guests with an exceptional church experience!

We have a number of reserved parking stalls for our guests right in front of our main entrance area! We have guest parking signs at these stalls. There is also free parking in the parking lot at the church and along the streets. If you need help bringing items in or just a friendly person to walk you to or from your vehicle, feel free to ask our "Hosts" at the door or contact us before you arrive! If you are concerned about parking on neighbouring business properties please contact us before arriving or talk to our "Hosts" upon arrival and they will make sure your car is in a safe and approved parking location!

The majority of people who join us in Sunday services dress neat and casual. We do not have a dress code so people simply dress according to climate. In summer we see short pants and shirts, dresses, jeans, sandals, hats, etc. If you desire to dress business casual, you will find a number of people dressed similar to that also! Our speakers, leaders and some business people dress in this style! Our motto is, "Come as you are!" This means that you can come dressed as you feel comfortable and you will be welcomed!

Sunday Morning (Services)
 9:30  am
11:00 am
12:30 pm
Sunday Evening SHIFT (ages 17-31)
5:00 pm
Wednesday NIGHT (small Groups)

7:00 pm

Ignite (ages 10-17)

Wednesday 3:45 - 4:30 pm



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